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Tired of paying over $2 a watt for solar panels? If you think over $200 profit for a single solar module is too much, give us a call.


When you buy from us, you can get twice as many for the same price. Our warehouse is just 6 miles from Starvation Reservoir, near Duchesne, Utah. We also stock charge controllers & inverters. Get more information about solar and wind power at our sister site.

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Why Solar?

At first glance, solar seems to be expensive. Obama's ability to spend our tax dollars on bad business ideas does not help the situation either. The truth however, is probably different than what you have heard.

A complete solar array with batteries for storage during non sun times, an inverter to convert the DC from the solar modules to regular household current, and a charge controller to maintain battery levels, can cost $30,000.00 or more. Thing is, it doesn't have to cost you a single penny. Here's why. Lease companies are eager to write leases on solar equipment. On a typical 15 year lease, your payment will be almost identical to your current monthly utility bill. In 15 years, when the lease is paid off, you have free electricity for the rest of your life as well as your grand children. Solar panels have no moving parts to break and come with a 20 to 25 year warranty as standard.

A solar system can be augmented with wind. Wind costs about a dollar a watt to purchase and in most cases when the sun is not shining, the wind is blowing.

Rebates, Incentives, Tax Credits, and other benefits can return the entire cost to you without a lease at all. In California, rebates are often 50% of retail. There are Federal, State, and Local incentives, so be sure to check them all. lists many Federal and State incentives. Both cities and counties give incentives, too, depending on your particular area.

SurvivalDealer has installed many systems across the western United States since 1997. Our office, warehouse, and home are off-grid. We can help you with a complete system or a grow as you can afford it system. We know how it works and what can be done. We will match any legitimate price.

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Democrats want to control the grid. When you have your own solar setup, you have your own grid and nobody besides you can turn it off or monitor it. When your neighbors lose power, it won't affect your power. You can watch the people in the inner cities kill each other and loot stores when their power fails. Your TV will still work and so will your security cameras.


Immediate Savings

The day solar panels are installed on your home you will begin saving money. If you choose to finance your solar panels your monthly payments will be less than your current power bill. Over 25 years the average homeowner will save over $50,000 in energy costs. (*Based on a 5kW system with an 8% annual utility increase)


Rising Power Costs

Power rates continue to rise year after year. It is projected that over the next 10 years power rates will rise 8 to 10% a year. (See Salt Lake Tribune)


Increase in Home Value

Installing solar is an easy way to increase your home value. The average solar system installation will increase your home value by more than $20,000 (See Berkeley Study)


Federal Tax Credits

The federal government has very generous tax credits for going solar. Similar to a rebate, your tax credit will save you 30% of your total system cost on your federal taxes. (See Complete Details)


State Tax Credits

The state tax credit for installing a residential solar system is $2,000. Commercial projects receive a 10% tax credit off the total system cost. Solar Utah will help you take advantage of all available government incentives. (See Complete Details)


Visit our sister site at Witch Well Energy for more information on solar and wind power

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