Tired of paying over $2 a watt for solar panels? If you think over $200 profit for a single solar module is too much, give us a call.


When you buy from us, you can get twice as many for the same price. Our warehouse is just 6 miles from Starvation Reservoir, near Duchesne, Utah. We also stock charge controllers & inverters. Get more information about solar and wind power at our sister site.

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We will NOT ship outside the United States

We are making major changes to our store and website. Our eCommerce online store is being rebuilt from scratch. Our physical store now includes Mountain House Food. Our solar and wind products are now at

The 100 items that disappear first

Are you ready for the coming race riots, massive inflation, economic collapse, food shortages, bank failures, and chaos in general?

Don't buy your solar panels from a toilet bowl cleaner salesman. Place your confidence in the off-grid specialists at

Survival Essentials (Regardless of economic position)

  • Knife (One or more for each vehicle, person, building, toolbox, etc. on your compound)
  • Ability to start a fire (Lighters, matches, magnesium or steel rods, must work even when wet)
  • Food (for your entire family and those that will join you)
  • Self-Defense (for your person, family, compound, and travel)
  • Money or other medium of exchange (silver is cheap right now, but will increase 500% in the next 24 months)

Check out our low prices on Solar Panels. Call us for consultation on complete off-grid systems. Our home, office, and warehouse are all off-grid. We use what we sell.

Get ready, Be Prepared!

Solar Power

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